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Meh, Updates

2010-03-06 08:19:46 by hakuzonightfox

Working on getting a desktop computer set up for flash, IT may be a long time from now before I Can post more stuff up here.

Well, my laptop is done, but I do have an Old desktop PC I can use. All I have to do is buy an external hard-drive, and I can get back on working with flash again. Any project I put up will be new works and probably almost from scratch.

Lack of a working computer

2009-09-15 03:41:20 by hakuzonightfox

Everything with my project is lost now. My computer died and the hard-drive was completely thrashed. So now when I get it back in working order, I have to start all over from scratch.

New Game on the way!!!

2009-08-30 03:59:08 by hakuzonightfox

A new game is a bout to arrive. A marksman simulator will soon arrive. Its about 70% done.


2009-07-19 05:07:06 by hakuzonightfox

all I can say is ............ WTF people?

Lost in time

2009-07-18 06:18:22 by hakuzonightfox

Its been a while, I have still gotten no time to create anything yet.

ALSO: Can someone send me a PM telling me how this shared revenue works exactly? What must I do to the flashes I create or the other pages to generate money?

Profile changes

2008-12-29 06:45:45 by hakuzonightfox

Uploaded my profile pick and personal Icon. Step one on this Kitsune's list!

The new member

2008-12-24 06:55:50 by hakuzonightfox

I am Hakuzo NightFox, I've been working with flash for a couple years now, but I do not have anything to upload at the moment. All in due time. I'm still getting used to Actionscript 3.0 but I plan to upload a something in the next few months.